Does Soy Phytoestrogen Give You Manboobs?

I used to avoid soy because I was scared of its phytoestrogen content. However, after looking into the issue in more detail, I now have no issues with soy. I still don’t like the taste of soy milk, so when I order coffee I normally opt for a long black (or Americano) or a latte with almond or coconut milk. However, not all cafes have almond milk or coconut milk, and a long black has zero calories and is often very hot, so sometimes I opt for a soy latte. Vegan meat also tends to use soy protein, although many now use pea protein, e.g. Beyond Meat Beast Burger.

In terms of protein powder, I get all my protein powder from, which I find is the best source of protein for Australians. At Bulk Nutrients, pea protein is the cheapest protein powder of all, cheaper than soy protein and whey protein, and the cost savings are even better if you buy in bulk. (If you live outside Australia, consider buying pea protein from iHerb, which has international shipping. They also have a great selection of vitamins.)

The bottom line is to not worry too much about soy as studies show that in moderation it has no impact on hormones. Even in extreme doses soy seems to have no impact. If you like the taste, work it into your diet, but remember there are many other vegan protein sources such as beans, nuts, and seeds. I’ve been eating soy in moderation for a few months now and have noticed no manboobs.

Below is a collection of YouTube videos on the topic.



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