Message to Dairy Farmers: Make Almond Milk Instead

Dairy farmers in Australia and Britain are complaining about not being paid enough. It turns out that the dairy business is not that profitable.

My advice to any dairy farmers is that they should sell their farm right away and get out of the dairy business. With the proceeds of their sale, they should move into a different business, such as making almond milk.

Making dairy milk involves handling cows, which means artificially inseminating them, feeding them, killing their babies, extracting their milk, and cleaning their feces. The dairy business involves very difficult and costly torturing and slaughtering of cows and all that evil doesn’t even pay the bills because dairy milk only sells for $1 per liter.

Almond milk, on the other hand, is easy to make. Just buy almonds, mix it with water, put calcium, emulsifiers, etc in it, and sell it for $2 per liter (or more).

With the rising popularity of the vegan and paleo diets, demand for dairy is only going down. Jump off the leaking ship before it sinks!

Google Trends results for “paleo” (in blue) and “vegan” (in red) as of May 2016

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