Is Lifestyle Veganism Making a Difference?

There are many online vegan celebrities who spend a considerable amount of time travelling around the world to exotic locations. These “lifestyle vegans” earn enough money from YouTube ad revenue, ebooks, t-shirt sales, etc to be able to fund their travel lifestyles. There are many vegans who do this, such as Henya, Jason Pizzino, Bonny Rebecca, Kalel, and even bodybuilder Jon Venus.

There are many who don’t agree with this lifestyle, saying that it is not real activism and that travelling in Thailand does not help the animals. For example, in the video below, there is barely any reference to animal welfare. Bonny Rebecca and her friends are climbing waterfalls in Chiang Mai while at the RT4 Thai Bike Festival.

After watching these vegan travel videos, it’s easy to question how this has any benefit to animal welfare. Many of these lifestyle vegans constantly discuss how their actions are a form of activism.

One benefit of lifestyle veganism is that it communicates to viewers how to be vegan while travelling. It also demonstrate how easy it is to be vegan while living a mainstream life. One common criticism of veganism is that it is restrictive and difficult, but viewers can watch for themselves how easy and effortless it is to live a life that reduces harm to animals.

The value of lifestyle veganism can also be understood by looking at Tesla. Before Tesla came out with fast and beautiful electric cars, all electric cars were seen as small and slow. It was considered a sacrifice to drive an electric car because they were simply bad cars that you drove only to help the environment. They were not seen as attractive. People are drawn to attractive things, and most people are not attracted to attending protests or watching animal torture videos.

Too many people believe that veganism is a sacrifice when in reality vegans don’t need to sacrifice anything. For example, I still eat meat, milk, cheese, and I still travel and wear nice clothes, but I simply eat vegan meat, soy milk, vegan cheese, and when wearing clothes I wear plant or synthetic fabrics rather than leather, cashmere, silk, etc.

Then there are areas where veganism is not a sacrifice, where veganism is actually an advantage, for example, I worry much less about obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease now that I am vegan whereas I was constantly worried about these health problems when I was a meat eater.

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