Domino’s Australia Offers Vegan Pizza

Normally when vegans eat pizza, they order a vegetarian pizza and then remove the cheese, but for me a pizza without cheese just doesn’t feel right. Thankfully, Domino’s Australia now has vegan pizza, which it released on 8 January 2018. I was alerted to this after watching the YouTube video below.

It is quite simple to order. Just install the Domino’s app on your phone and then when ordering a pizza simply scroll down all the way until you find the “vegan menu.” Alternatively you can simply select a vegetarian pizza and then press a button that allows you to replace the dairy cheese with vegan cheese.

According to the video above, the vegan cheese used comes from Follow Your Heart. The key ingredient in these vegan cheeses are coconut oil, which is interesting because many vegan dairy products nowadays seem to use coconut, e.g. coconut yoghurt.

Review: Atman Kafe Ubud

I am holidaying in Ubud, Bali now. I found accommodation on one of the main roads (Jalan Hanoman or Hanoman Street) to make sure I could walk to important areas (cafes, restaurants, ATMs, and convenience stores) without catching a taxi. It is so much more convenient having everything within walking distance.

Along Hanoman Street there is a placed called Atman Kafe. This place seems to have two different areas, a big restaurant to the left and a smaller cafe to the right. I went into the cafe on the right because it seemed less crowded.


The place has air conditioning and free WiFi. It seemed clean and neat. There are tables, but rather than providing individual chairs they provide cushions and pillows where you can stretch your legs and more easily mingle with other people. I actually prefer this setup because it is more cosy.


While the ergonomics are not ideal, you could easy place a laptop on your lap and get some work done here.

If you’re sitting at the back, there is an opportunity for you to talk to random strangers if you are a solo traveler, although no one was at the cafe when I entered, and many travelers in Ubud seem to be very shy.

Atman Kafe serves meat but had an extensive range of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free food.

I ordered the vegan hot chocolate with cashew milk and Stevia. The hot chocolate was served to me alongside a small cylindrical glass container that has brown powder. I asked the staff what this brown powder was and whether I should mix it in my hot chocolate. Their English was not great, but eventually someone told me that this brown powder was the Stevia. I mixed the Stevia into the hot chocolate and drank it. It was okay, but it wasn’t that sweet. I was under the impression that Stevia was supposed to make the drink sweet.

Vegan hot chocolate

After the hot chocolate, I ordered a large vegan margherita pizza. I expected vegan cheese to be used but instead it was replaced with crumbled cashew nuts. It wasn’t that bad, and I appreciated a vegan pizza option.

Vegan margherita pizza

Following the pizza, I ordered a coco oil latte, which is a latte that had coconut oil in it. It sounded odd, so I felt I needed to try it. I suspect it is capitalizing on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof coffee fad (coffee mixed with coconut oil and grass fed butter).

Coco oil latte

Consuming fat with your coffee supposedly increases your energy, but I certainly didn’t feel energetic after my coconut oil latte. My fingers were greasy as well.

For all this, I paid 130K rupiah (about US$10).

This place accepts credit card but charges a 3% surcharge, so it’s best to pay with cash. Make sure the cash you use has been converted using a fair exchange rate without commission or fees.